Founded by Taro Omiya, Omiya Games is an experimental indie game studio that aims to create weird and chaotic games. The formation of the company was established when the founder joined the #OneGameAMonth game jam challenge, and has set its reputation through many web games that provided an unusual perspective to play. Today, it's an active game jam participant and a volunteer to the local upstate New York game developer community, Tech Valley Game Space (TVGS).



January, 2013: Taro Omiya hears about #OneGameAMonth, and decides to join on the whim.

Early History

February, 2013: Omiya Games is established.

Touch Yoga Released

April, 2013: Touch Yoga is released.

String Theory Released

June, 2013: String Theory is released.

Galactic NEON Released

December, 2013: Galactic NEON is released.

Ichabot Crane Released

January, 2014: Ichabot Crane is released.


August, 2014: The studio starts a Patreon campaign.

Not a Clone (Prototype) Released

September, 2014: Not a Clone (Prototype) is released.

Suddenly, Thousands Released

October, 2014: Suddenly, Thousands is released.

Letters From Secret Santa Released

December, 2014: Letters From Secret Santa is released.

Laundry Day Released

December, 2014: Laundry Day is released.

Star Driller Ultra Released

April, 2015: Star Driller Ultra is released.

Unconventional Stick Swinging Simulator Released

April, 2015: Unconventional Stick Swinging Simulator is released.

Can I Haz Monsters? Released

August, 2015: Can I Haz Monsters? is released.

Amanda Cluett Released

September, 2015: Amanda Cluett is released. Released

December, 2015: is released.

The Empire of Lights Released

January, 2016: The Empire of Lights is released.

Through Oneself Released

April, 2016: Through Oneself is released.



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Taro Omiya and Robert Denner on Letters From Secret Santa 2014.png
Taro Omiya vs Blank Screens 2014.png

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